New York City Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does SnapDigs cost?

It is always free to look for a home on SnapDigs. Right now, it is also free through October 2010 to add a listing to SnapDigs.

I added a listing. Where is it?

When you first add a listing, it is stored on the “my listings” page under “on hold.” To make a listing live, go to checkout.

How do I remove a listing from SnapDigs?

If you want to delete a listing forever, click the delete icon next to the listing on the “my listings” page. If you want to keep a listing but not have it currently display on the site, you can mark it as rented, also on the “my listings” page.

What do the different statuses mean on the “my listings” page?

Live: Live listings are visible and SnapDigs. Listings are made live by adding them to your cart and going to checkout.

On Hold: On Hold listings are not visible on SnapDigs. You can preview them, and go to checkout to make them live.

Rented: These are listings that you have marked as rented from the “live” status page. They are not visible on SnapDigs unless you reopen them.