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About SnapDigs

What is SnapDigs all about?

SnapDigs was created to provide owners, agents and apartment seekers a user-friendly website for listing and finding places to rent in New York City.

For those listing on SnapDigs, we offer a simple interface for adding apartments with many detailed options, from choosing “oversized windows” to “green building.” For those looking for a place to live, this level of detail allows for advanced searches that focus on the apartment features most important to you. Of course, you can still just search for a 1 bedroom in all of New York City, too.

We have built this Beta version of SnapDigs with several key features that will make apartment searching easier, including saved searches and favorites, and we welcome your feedback to improve the SnapDigs experience.

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SnapDigs was created by a partnership of real estate professionals and designed by Eric Miller Design.

SnapDigs respects your privacy and will not share your personal information with third parties. SnapDigs is a listing resource, not a real estate broker. All listings are submitted by individuals or agents and they will only receive your information if you choose to contact them.